Guideline For Lead Groups In The Gathering

Each lead group will be responsible for presenting the module’s outcomes. This activity aims to enhance teamwork spirit and activity and the ability to introduce English topics in the ERS program.

Suggested activities

Preassigned groups will work to decide which parts of the module will be introduced in the gathering. Group members work in a team, and choose the best way to present their presentation with or without consulting the course’s instructor (Each group is encouraged to work independently without consulting the course’s instructor).

Activities can be applied for presenting at the gathering can be found here:


45 minutes

Written submission

Each group has to submit a written submission to the instructor before the gathering to earn a full grade for this activity. In the written submission, the group answers these questions:

  1. List names of students and their roles in group presentation
  2. What are the difficulties when working as a group in delivering the group presentation?
  3. How did your group overcome these difficulties?


100 points (50 points for presentation, 50 points for written submission)

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