Writing Pre: Introduction to Body Paragraph

Reading: Structure of body paragraphs

The body paragraph has the same four parts but there are a few important additions:

  1. The single controlling idea of the body paragraph is not standalone like it is in the basic paragraph. It must tie back to the thesis statement (or controlling idea of the essay) as indicated in the introductory paragraph of the essay
  2. The body paragraph only needs one supporting detail instead of two
  3. The concluding sentence in the body paragraph must serve not only as a conclusion (as it does in the basic paragraph) but also as a transition to the next paragraph (and next thought).

This means that the four parts of the body paragraph become the following:

  1. Single controlling idea that ties back to the thesis statement in the introductory paragraph
  2. Topic sentence
  3. Supporting detail
  4. Concluding and transition sentence

Source: https://resourcecenter.byupathway.edu/writing/w03-01


There is no assignment for this module.

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You will have essay writing in the next module. In that assignment, you need to review the life skill lesson on perseverance.

Course Outline

How to write a paragraph

How to write an introductory paragraph

How to write a body paragraph

How to write a concluding paragraph

How to format the essay

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